On this blog you will find all your homework for Year 7 Window on the World. There will be one task to complete each week – generally something to watch and a quiz to complete. Your homework needs to be done by 11.59pm Sunday night every week. It will be posted a week in advance so you need to manage your time to make sure it gets done.

This is in addition to your vocabulary practice and silent reading to be completed each week.

Make sure you check the blog every week for updates!

You are welcome to leave a comment at any time though please read the blogging guidelines clearly so that we promote a safe blogging experience. Remember, this is an open blog.

You will also find other interesting film clips, websites, reading recommendations and student work on display.

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    • Yes Jake, I am reading it and you need to be making comments that are helpful in this space, rather than just using up space on the blog. Thanks!

  1. hey Mrs braid umm my timeline is on my laptop and i dont have that. and i cant seem to find it on the home computer and i am not sure if i back it up so i will bring in the rest of the info.

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